About Us


Where did the Discovery Corps name come from?

The Discovery Corps name was inspired by the nickname, "The Corps of Discovery," given by President Thomas Jefferson to the Lewis and Clark expeditionary force. That group went forward to explore the vast Louisiana territory. At the time, many myths, half-truths, untruths, and unknowns circulated about this immense wilderness.

Similarly, many businesses operate under the influence of myths, folklore, and traditions that are over-simplified, outmoded, or no longer true due to the rapidly changing competitive landscape. At Discovery Corps, we work with you to break through the fog of corporate folklore. We subject hypotheses to empirical testing and validation using your corporate data assets. We help you map and model the true landscape and enable you to overcome the obstacles in your path to success.


About the Founder

Read here about the prior experience, background, and education of Tim Graettinger, the founder and President/CTO of Discovery Corps, Incorporated.  [PDF Version]