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Discovery Corps, Inc. (DCI) is a leading-edge data visualization, data mining, and predictive analytics consultancy. Founded in 1998, DCI works with clients in a broad spectrum of industries, including life sciences, health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, direct marketing, and financial services, among others. This broad base of experience enables us to translate lessons learned in one domain into inventive solutions for another.

At DCI, we believe that “unique data has unique value”. For you to realize the unique value from your corporate data stores, solutions need to be customized. Our people collaborate with you, combining your knowledge of your data with our expertise in visualization, analytics, and modeling. We combine best-practice processes with internally-developed and customized software tools to help you extract the competitive advantage you need from your corporate data assets.

We invite you to see how Discovery Corps can help you maximize profits and minimize expenses by exploring our website.  A couple of good places to start are our Frequently Asked Questions page or the article below.





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