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At Discovery Corps, Inc., our services help you leverage your unique data assets to their fullest potential. Below is a partial list of projects we can do for you. We can also engage with you through a retainer agreement as your outsourced analytical department. For more details about these services or other custom projects, contact us by phone [+1 (724)-743-3642] or email [].

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Custom Data Visualizations and Analyses Custom Models and Scoring
Custom Segmentation and Scoring Custom Survey Analysis
Exploratory Data Analysis Training Courses and Seminars

Custom Data Visualizations and Analyses

  • Visualizations
    • Customer Visualizations/Analyses
    • Donor Visualizations/Analyses
    • Member Visualizations/Analyses
    • Subscriber Visualizations/Analyses

    • Time Series Visualizations/Analyses
    • Correlation Visualizations/Analyses
    • Complex Relationship Visualizations/Analyses

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Custom Models and Scoring

  • Acquisition Models / Prospect Models
    • Donor Acquisition Models
    • Member Acquisition Models
    • Subscriber Acquisition Models

  • Cross-sell Models / Upsell Models / NBO (Next Best Offer) Models
    • Customer Cross-Sell Models
    • Donor Laddering Models
    • Member Cross-Sell Models
    • Subscriber Cross-Sell Models

  • Retention Models
    • Customer Retention Models
    • Donor Retention Models
    • Member Retention Models
    • Subscriber Retention Models

  • Fraud Detection Models
    • Response Models
    • Propensity Models
    • Linkage Models

  • Custom Classifiers

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Custom Segmentation and Scoring

  • Segmentation / Clustering
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Donor Segmentation
    • Member Segmentation
    • Subscriber Segmentation

  • Attitudinal Segmentation
  • Behavioral Segmentation
  • Demographic Segmentation
  • Combination Segmentation (Attitudinal/Behavioral/Demographic)

  • Profiles / Profiling
    • Customer Profiles
    • Donor Profiles
    • Member Profiles
    • Subscriber Profiles

  • Linkage Models

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Custom Survey Analysis

  • Satisfaction Survey Analysis
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Donor Satisfaction
    • Member Satisfaction
    • Subscriber Satisfaction
    • Conference Evaluations
    • Meeting Evaluations
    • Speaker Evaluations

  • Survey → Outcome Linkage Analysis
    • Satisfaction → Retention
    • Willing to Recommend → Retention
    • Intent to Renew → Renewal
    • Intent to Continue → Renewal

  • Survey Improvement / Survey Length Reduction

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Exploratory Data Analysis

  • Customer Base Analysis
  • Member Base Analysis
  • Donor Base Analysis
  • Retrospective Experiments
  • Hypothesis Testing

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Training Courses and Seminars

  • “Introduction to Data Mining” (2 days)
  • “Executive Guide to Data Mining” (1 hour)

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