Frequently Asked Questions


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About the kind of work we do:

1.  What is Data Mining?
2.  What is Data Visualization?
3.  What is Segmentation?

About data mining and visualization projects:

4.   What does a typical project look like?
5.   How much data do I need in order for DCI to help me?
6.   How much do I have to prepare my data before DCI can work on it?
7.   How much does DCI charge for a typical project?
8.   What kind of Return on Investment can I expect when I hire DCI?
9.   What will DCI deliver to me before executing a project? How will DCI communicate with me about the scope and direction of a project so I can sign off on it?
10. How long will it take DCI to complete my project?
11. How much time will my personnel need to devote to working with DCI on our project?
12. Is any special hardware/software required when I hire DCI?
13. Will there be several stages in my project?
14. What will Discovery Corps deliver to me when they finish my project?
15. How will I be able to measure the success of my project with DCI?
16. Will DCI continue to charge me when I use the data model they created for me?

About how data mining and visualization are applied to specific business problems:

17. I’m trying to increase my company’s sales. How can a Data Mining/Data Modeling project with Discovery Corps help me find more customers?
18. I’m in the healthcare industry. What can DCI do for me?