Frequently Asked Questions


Q18. I’m in the healthcare industry. What can DCI do for me?

We’ve done some really exciting projects on a wide variety of issues related to healthcare and medicine:

  • Risk Screening – predicting premature births based on risk factors
  • Risk Screening – predicting future cost of care for patients in an HMO
  • Drug efficacy and economic outcomes – finding drug regimens that show significant cost benefits while maintaining or improving medical outcomes for the patient
  • Drug discovery – improving the “hit rate” for finding bioactive compounds
  • Pharmaceutical sales – Predicting physician prescribing behavior in response to various types of campaigns
  • Survey analysis – Analyzing patient responses to a course of medication
  • Fraud detection/reduction – identifying healthcare providers submitting fraudulent claims
  • Fraud reduction – ranking pharmacies on suspicious behavior for audit and recovery
  • Medical image analysis – classifying breast cancer exam images

For more on DCI’s work in the health and medical industries, please see the DCI Corporate Healthcare Résumé, or take a look at the list of some of our past clients in the Health Care and Life Sciences Industries.

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