Frequently Asked Questions


Q13. Will there be several stages in my project?

We can always break a project into meaningful smaller stages. This creates smaller milestones along the way and lets us show you how things are progressing. For businesses that aren’t sure whether data mining (or data visualization) is right for them, breaking a large project into smaller chunks decreases the amount of the initial outlay, and the success of those first steps can often build confidence within your organization to continue the work. We often create a proof-of-concept (or prototype) stage as the first phase. This allows us to explore the feasibility of different data mining, modeling, or visualization approaches before beginning a large project.

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Q14. What will Discovery Corps deliver to me when they finish my project?

Deliverables for your project will be customized to your needs, and they will be designed into the project plan at the outset. Oftentimes, there is an executive report that includes charts and graphs, analysis details, findings and recommendations, and other information that will allow you to make decisions. We also generally do a formal presentation of results to you and your project team. If we’re creating a statistical model, simulator, or database for you, we’ll coordinate with your staff to deliver it so that you can implement it on your computing platform. (See FAQ #4 for more about a typical project plan and about delivery/deployment.)

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