Frequently Asked Questions


Q15. How will I be able to measure the success of my project with DCI?

When you approach us about doing a project together, an important part of the project planning will be deciding what the metric(s) of success will be. There is often a minimum level of performance in order for a project to make sense and be useful. For example, with a direct-marketing project there is a break-even mark based on the cost of the project and the possible return. From there we can establish a goal level of success/profit. If you’ve already been squeezing some information out of your data, your current level of success will naturally function as the benchmark on which to improve. For instance, your current response rate to direct mail can be a benchmark. Or, the current lifetime value of a customer can be a benchmark. Ultimately, many projects’ success is measured in increased profit, and we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve it.

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Q16. Will DCI continue to charge me when I use the data model they created for me?

Unless an explicit royalty/pay-per-use arrangement is specified in our contract, your ongoing use of your data model is free and clear. At times our clients prefer to add a pay-per-use arrangement in the contract in exchange for lower up-front costs.

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