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Recent Article: Predicting the London Olympics Medal Count - and the Why's Behind It

Is it possible to use data mining techniques to predict how many medals each nation will win at this year’s Olympic Games?  What is it about a nation that allows it to produce Olympic medal-winning athletes?  As a data miner, and my job is to find patterns in data and use those patterns to predict future events.  And trying to predict the 2012 Olympic medal counts was too tempting to pass up!

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Recent Article: Framing the DM Problem - Part 2

Where in the data mining process do data scientists add the most value to our customers?  I believe we do so by framing the problem well -- clearly, explicitly defining what the problem is and is not.  In Part 2 of this series, we look at these three key questions:

  • What is the outcome?
  • What is the time frame?
  • How will we measure success?

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Article - The Histogram


For all the strides that data mining tools have made, using them well still requires hard work and critical thought.  This article is one in a series where we’re reviewing what it takes to be successful with data mining, what the common pitfalls are, how to avoid or remedy problems, and how to interpret results.  This time we adresses a real workhorse for data mining and analysis, the histogram.  Among the histograms encountered most frequently in practice are the following: “money”, “count”, and “outlier”.  We will look at each one of them in turn.     Read the full article


Article - Correlation & Scatter Plots

In this article, we review two, intertwined tools in the data mining arsenal: correlation and scatter plots.  These tools are fundamental for gauging the relationship (if any) between pairs of data elements (say, the age and income of your customers).  As we’ll soon see, there are good, bad, and ugly things that can happen when we apply a purely computational method like correlation.  My goal is to help you avoid the usual pitfalls, so  you can use correlation and scatter plots effectively in your own work.     Read the article


SlideShare presentation on DM Machine Learning

The contents of this slideshow are from a data mining presentation DCI President Tim Graettinger conducted. Becoming A Data Mining Machine Learning Practitioner

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